Welcome to Rivernook Bowmen

Welcome to Rivernook Bowmen

UPDATE: 1st September 2021
You no longer need to book your time slots.
Please read the Guidelines below before attending the range.

Please note that Covid-19 has not gone away and so it is not quite “business as usual” and in order to comply with government and AGB guidance on social distancing etc we all need to stay safe and follow the Guidelines below.



  1. Do not come to Rivernook if you are feeling unwell, have been in contact with someone who is unwell, or if you are shielding or self-isolating.
  2. Bring your own hand sanitiser and use it.
  3. Please be kind to other people and respect their wish to maintain a level of social distance
  4. Please take your rubbish home with you.

The Shooting Line

  1. Archers from separate households/bubbles can share a target by mutual agreement but no-one should feel pressured into sharing if they aren’t ready to do so.
  2. If the target at the distance you want to shoot at is in use then please be prepared to be flexible and choose a different distance.
  3. We have plenty of room so please make use of it and give fellow archers plenty of space whilst they are shooting or waiting to shoot.

The Bosses

  1. All foam bosses must be left uncovered and no faces or target pins will be left on the range.
  2. The straw bosses are not used at present so have been left covered apart from the 10 yard target which may be used.

Target Faces and Pins

  1. Archers attending the range must bring their own target face and pins, this is for their own use and must be taken away by them at the end of their session.
  2. Club members that need them will be issued with a target face and pins from club stock to get them started. For most of us one large face will last a whole season.

Club Facilities

  1. The club containers will be open when committee members are at the range.
  2. The portaloos are available – please use hand sanitiser and disinfect surfaces after use.

All archers shooting at Rivernook must be members of AGB.
All archers shooting at Rivernook do so at their own risk

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