Keeping In Touch

Keeping In Touch

There are several means by which information is disseminated from the committee and by which members can keep in touch.

We use Emails, Facebook, WhatsApp and a Notice Board which between them should reach all members.

All important club information goes out by email so it’s important that we have your current email address. Please ensure that you provide this on your membership form and notify us of any changes.

The club has a closed group set up in Facebook, i.e. it is for Rivernook members only. When you join the club you will be invited to join the Facebook Group as well. It can be used however you, the members, wish – general communication, announcing achievements, arranging to shoot rounds together, selling equipment, ‘lost and found’ – however you want so please give it a try.

The advantage of the Facebook group is that it’s very easy to post news and get feedback that all members of the group can see. 

Most of the active membership (committee members and those who submit scores) appear to be members of the Facebook group but a few of you are not. If you can’t or don’t want to use Facebook but would like to be kept informed of notable events, e.g. results of Frostbites, medals won by Rivernook archers, please let a committee member know.

For those of you who use this, we now have a WhatsApp group for Rivernook. If you wish to be included then please send any member of the committee your mobile number or give us permission to add you using the mobile number that we have on file for you. Again, It can be used however you, the members, wish.

Club Notice Board
We update the notice board which is in the shelter at the club so keep an eye out for that too.